'I don’t believe in Writer’s Block; it just means you are not asking the right questions.'

~Irene Graham, Ireland


What is The Memoir Writing Workshop?

The Memoir Writing Workshop is a unique and creative writing journey that helps trigger memories, develop structure, enhances writing voice, and creates story from life experiences. You tap into your inherent creativity, bring your story to life – and write your memoir.

Inspired by the work of renowned American Psychologist Howard Gardner and his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Irene Graham created The Memoir Writing Workshop.

While the workshop is not about neuroscience or how the brain works, it is based on right-brain/left-brain learning techniques, and how by engaging in various modes of thinking and using major learning modalities, we can use our brains to trigger and recall memories, thus deepening our abilities to create and write.

The process shows the participant how to create story from life experiences. To create story, one must understand all the facets of story creation, how to build each element, and weave those elements into a creative whole. Without understanding story creation, writing can so often reach a dead end.

The Memoir Writing Workshop builds upon a basic concept of the ‘Memoir Map’ – a graphic interpretation of how to start and travel a writing journey to complete your memoir. By engaging with step-by step exercises through each path on the map, participants understand the art of memoir writing, each element of story, and can therefore write a memoir that hops off the page.

The Memoir Writing Workshop programs are fully integrated with The Memoir Writing Workbook, (by Irene Graham), a 230-page, full colour (paper) workbook, packed with right-brain/left-brain visual writing techniques, writing tips, and chapters on each element of writing memoir. You will never need another workbook on memoir writing. The Memoir Writing Workbook is exclusive to Irene’s courses, it is not sold separately.

Based on her writing techniques, Irene has taught writing workshops for 33 years, internationally, and to all age groups, in various models:

  • Memoir Writing Courses – Online & LIVE
  • Memoir Writing Retreats
  • Writing as Therapeutic Medicine
  • For Ghost Writers & Biographers
  • Study Abroad Programs for USA Universities
  • Library Programs (Memoir & Fiction)
  • The Creative Writer’s Workshop: Retreats & LIVE (Fiction)
  • Transition Year Students (16-year-olds)
  • Students 8 to 15 years


The Memoir Writing Workshop is delivered as a:


A license is now available for suitable candidates to teach The Memoir Writing Workshop. Details 

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Joseph Campbell

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