“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ~Paulo Coelho


This course triggers memories and nurtures creativity as you learn the art of writing memoir.

The 12-week Online Memoir Writing Course is interactive with audios and The Memoir Writing Workbook. Using reviewed submissions, LIVE Group sessions, and a private session with your mentor, Irene Graham, you discover the tools and skills to bring your story to life… and write your memoir.

Step by step, guiding you through story development and structure – we’ll travel with you toward a destination you can be proud of.


We use right-brain/left-brain learning techniques and visual writing exercises to help you access forgotten memories. They help you develop your story visually, making it easier to ‘see’ your story before writing it… thereby saving a lot of writing time.

The techniques you learn in this course can be used to aid all forms of writing – not just memoir.


You receive a copy of The Memoir Writing Workbook via post. The workbook is completely interactive with the online course.

The Memoir Writing Workbook is a comprehensive 230 page workbook. Throughout the course participants follow a unique ‘memoir map’ that guides them through the a to z of writing memoir.

Filled with writing tips, each chapter explores the elements of memoir writing: Events, People, Setting and Environment, Theme, Truth, POV and Structure. It also includes 36 writing exercises that use right-brain/left-brain visual writing techniques and concepts, which show you how to creatively weave your life experiences into an engaging memoir.

The Memoir Writing Workbook is exclusive to participants of Irene Graham’s courses and retreats, it is not sold separately.


Writing is like a jigsaw; one must fit each piece together to complete the whole. It’s also like baking a cake, if you leave an ingredient out, the cake won’t rise, or perhaps taste wrong. Similarly in writing, if you leave out an element, your story will be one dimensional on the page. It won’t engage the reader.

On completion of this 12-week course you will understand how to create story using life experiences and how to form a creative structure to fit your narrative. You will also develop and strengthen your writing voice.

Through learning and understanding all of these things, you will have fun as you engage with your creativity and discover a new meaning in how you came to be you… today, as you write a memoir that hops off the page!


The course is for new, emerging and published writers. Due to how the course is designed, it becomes very personalised for each writer. It will therefore suit writers that have never picked up a pen, those that have done some writing, and those writers who have part written a memoir and need help with revision to focus and structure it.

Participants LOGIN to the website and gain access to the entire Online Memoir Writing Course on the start date of the course, for 12 weeks. This means you can plan your writing schedule to suit your lifestyle.

The Memoir Writing Workbook is posted to you upon registration and payment. Participants that have not received the workbook by course start date will receive a Digital Copy of the workbook with their course. The first two lessons in the course do not require the workbook.

LIVE Sessions are delivered on Sundays. LIVE Discussion times are synced to: USA | European | Canadian time zones.


  • 12-week Course Online – 12 x Lessons
  • Hard copy full colour 230 page Memoir Writing Workbook by Irene Graham – we post it to you
  • 80 Audios discussing each element of writing memoir – 2/4 minute duration each audio
  • 2 x LIVE Writing Group Sessions with Irene Graham
  • 2 x Submissions of Work – with feedback
  • 1 x LIVE Writing Private Session with Irene Graham at the end of the course to review your memoir
  • Chat Room with Irene throughout course to ask questions on your writing and story
  • Chat Room for group support
  • Access to reference library re question and answers on all aspects of writing memoir

Irene Graham has put together a powerful memoir course. Her materials, written and oral, offer clear instructions on creativity and structure. I deepened my knowledge of myself, along with finding stronger ways to tell the stories of my life. Irene is a superb guide and an inspiration.

Rose Levinson, USA


Online Memoir Writing Course 12-week

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US$495 / €445 – 12 weeks

Participants receive access to the entire course on the course Start Date

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