Discover the art of story creation using personal life experiences and family history.

Evoke your well of memory and enhance your writing skills using right-brain/left-brain learning techniques.

Write a mini-Memoir or begin a book. Develop life experiences for autobiographical fiction.


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12-week Course Online
  • Online Lessons fully interactive with The Memoir Writing Workbook
  • Submit work for one-on-one Feedback (2 times) from Irene G.
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Interactive LIVE Writing Discussions
  • Online Writing Rooms for feedback
  • Book Corner
  • Discount for Past Participants
US$425 / €295 — 12 Weeks

Fixed Fees. No Currency Charges, Application or Registration Fees

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Online Memoir Writing Course – How it Works

Listen to Audio Tutorials

Audio Tutorials provided in each of the 12 Lesson Plans are short and concise and relate to the elements of writing memoir using right-brain/left-brain learning techniques.

Read the Workbook

The workbook is fully interactive with the Audio Tutorials. Writers follow the workbook in a step-by- step process and learn how to weave and structure life experiences into story.

Techniques & Exercises

Evoke and enhance memory from our writing techniques and exercises. They also strengthen your authentic writing voice as you focus, develop and write your memoirs.

The course also includes

Feedback on Your Writing

Navigate your writing journey with one-on-one feedback, plus ongoing support in Writing Rooms.

LIVE Writing Discussions

We guide you forwards every step of the way.
You also meet the other writers on your course!

Memoir Archive

Protect your Memoirs for future generations. Preserve them in our Online Archive.

Then continue your writing journey with Book Writing Coach Irene Graham »

Course Information

What makes our Online Memoir Writing Course different

Based on right-brain/left-brain learning techniques and exercises, Irene Graham’s workshops have inspired writers for over 20 years. Her online course is a state of the art, simple to use, step-by-step approach to memoir writing.

This memoir writing course is different because:

  • the course uses right-brain/left-brain learning techniques and exercises that show you how to trigger and recall memories – each exercise surprises you!
  • you receive by post, a copy of The Memoir Writing Workbook by Irene Graham – you will never need another book on memoir writing
  • you submit your writing to us twice throughout the course for personal one-on- one feedback. Feedback is delivered once via email, and once LIVE online.
  • our course is Audio based providing Audio Tutorials; each audio is interactive with the workbook
  • we provide LIVE interactive online Writing Discussions throughout the course
  • you also have access to our Memoir Writing Rooms 24 hours a day to ask us questions and chat with other writers
  • we allow you access to the entire course for 12 weeks – which means you have plenty of time to write, rewrite and revisit any part of the course and the Audio Tutorials
  • as a participant in the course you automatically belong to an international writing community
  • by submitting your Miniature Memoirs to our Online Archive, your life stories will be accessible for family and friends, future generations, historians and social history projects.
  • the writing techniques you learn in this course can be used to aid all forms of writing – not just memoir

What you learn

In our online memoir writing course you:
  • learn the art of memoir writing and the creation of story
  • develop life experiences for Memoir and Autobiographical Fiction stories
  • discover how to focus life experiences into meaningful stories
  • understand how to weave Family History into your stories
  • learn the structure of story
  • develop and write a mini-memoir, or use the course to develop and start your book.

Course Design

The online course comprises:
  • 12 Lesson Plans
Each Lesson Plan provides step-by-step instructions to:
  • listen to an Audio Tutorial
  • refer to The Memoir Writing Workbook
  • complete a Writing Assignment
  • receive support in our Memoir Writing Rooms

Lessons are timed – this focuses your writing and your writing schedule.
The (timed) course is 24 hours duration – which you schedule for yourself over 12 weeks.

An example Writing Schedule is supplied with the Lesson Plans when you join.

LIVE Writing Discussions | Feedback on Your Writing

Our LIVE Writing Discussions guide you forwards with your writing and keep you focused.

Throughout the course participants receive:

  • 2 x LIVE Group Writing Discussions
  • 1 x email feedback on submitted work
  • 1 x Private one-on-one LIVE Discussion with Irene G. on submitted work

While our LIVE Group Writing Discussions guide you forwards and help with your writing, if you happen to miss a Discussion…it won’t effect you continuing with your Online Course – the LIVE Group Discussions do NOT form a part of the actual course.

Your first LIVE Writing Discussion takes place on the second day of your course. Dates of subsequent Discussions and submission deadlines are posted with your online course.

Course Content

The course content covers topics such as:
  • Tapping into Creativity
  • Unique/Authentic Writing Voice
  • People
  • Settings
  • Theme
  • Truth
  • Evocative Language
  • Research
  • Creative Structure for your Memoir
  • …plus many more!

The Memoir Writing Workbook Content

The Memoir Writing Workbook is designed to help you through each stage of your writing journey, in a step-by-step process.

It is a full colour, easy to read 236 pages with:

  • short concise chapters clarifying the elements of memoir writing
  • 36 innovative right-brain/left-brain writing exercises
  • numerous writing hints and tips
  • blank ruled pages for writers notes

Audio Tutorials

Audio Tutorials are delivered by Irene Graham and:
  • explain the elements of memoir writing
  • are interactive with The Memoir Writing Workbook
  • are short and concise (1 to 4 minutes)
  • are available throughout the 12-week course
  • are not downloadable

Memoir Writing Rooms

Note: We believe making time to write is precious. Writers are therefore not expected to read others work.

Note: Writing submissions are private, forwarded directly to Irene Graham via email. Participants do not see or share one another’s work.

Our Memoir Writing Rooms, available 24/7, provide constant contact and feedback from Irene Graham as you proceed through your course.

You can use the Memoir Writing Rooms to ask Irene questions:
  • on any aspect of writing memoir
  • to gain feedback on specific elements of developing and writing your story

Our Writing Rooms also provide writers with the facility to chat to one another, not just from their particular course, but from all courses.

Course Access | Workbook Delivery | Discounts

Access: Choose your Start Date and Enroll in the online course, spaces are limited, so do it now so you won’t be disappointed.

On the Start Date of your course, Log In to the website with your User Name and Password. Our system will automatically provide you with access to our Online Memoir Writing Course

Workbook Delivery: Participants in our online course receive by post their copy of The Memoir Writing Workbook - free delivery worldwide. The first two Lesson Plans in our online course do not require the workbook.

Discount to online course fees apply if you previously purchased a copy of The Memoir Writing Workbook.

The Memoir Writing Workbook is not available to purchase separately.

Book Corner

Recommend a book – Discuss a book – it’s up to you!

Your Tutor – Irene Graham

Created and tutored by Irene Graham, The Memoir Writing Workshop online course is based on Irene's internationally renowned writing techniques and her 20 years experience of tutoring fiction and memoir writing workshops.

Click for more details on Irene Graham

Frequently Asked Questions

*What is a Mini Memoir?

A Miniature Memoir, defined by Irene Graham, is a short memoir relating a life experience or experiences, creatively written and structured with a beginning, middle and end, comprising 1000 to 5000 words.

Is our Online Memoir Writing Course for you?

....well everyone has a story to tell!

If you want to:

  • write your memoir for family and friends
  • structure a memoir for publication
  • explore your life experiences as bed-rock material for Autobiographical Fiction
  • or use writing as a therapeutic process

then this course is for you. Your writing will surprise you!

Remember, you can write in private yet be a part of a great community of writers. You can choose what you want to tear up, what you want to do with your stories, and who you want to read them. Whatever…we’ll be there all the way to help you write your story.

We welcome:
  • apprentice, emerging and established writers
  • fiction writers who never thought of writing memoir!

I write Fiction – how would writing Memoir help me?

Our unique approach in this online course shows you how to draw upon life experiences and go deeper with personal story, which can be used as a powerful source of material for writing Autobiographical Fiction.

Are there any special technical requirements?

No, a good Internet connection is all that is technically required to access all facilities in the online memoir writing course and The Memoir Writing Club. Special software is not required.