Write your Memoir with Book Writing Coach Irene Graham as your Mentor.

Working to your personal writing requirements, Irene will structure an online personal writing program and schedule to support your writing and your story, in private, with a flexible duration within a 6-month period.

Weaving together Irene’s innovative Online Memoir Writing Course, The Memoir Writing Workbook and her dedicated LIVE sessions, you can expect:

  • to focus your life experiences

  • your story to unfold

  • your writing voice to find form

  • to creatively structure and write your Memoir, ready for publishing

Private Writing Classes Online
within a 6-month period
  • Mentorship on the development and writing of your book with Irene G.
  • Personal Writing Program & Schedule – just for you
  • Flexible duration to suit your writing requirements
  • LIVE Writing Sessions to suit your diary
  • Online Workshop fully interactive with The Memoir Writing Workbook
  • One-on-one Coaching on submitted work
  • The Memoir Writing Workbook
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Writing Rooms
  • Book Corner
  • Discount for Past Participants

To schedule your Private Writing Classes get in touch with Irene Here

Your Mentor

Irene Graham has tutored and mentored writers from all over the globe since 1991.

Her Fiction & Memoir Writing Workshops are accredited by George Mason University, Virginia, USA, (6 Credits) as part of their undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

More Details

How Mentorship Works

I work with dedicated writers to guide them towards achieving their writing goals within a 6-month, flexible, period – i.e.: to focus, develop, create, structure and write their Memoir for publishing.

Upon application we will communicate via email and then chat online to discuss your writing goals. Mentorship is valid for new, emerging and established writers. The primary criteria is that you are focused and want to complete your memoir.

Access | Workbook Delivery | Discounts

Access: You receive access to The Memoir Writing Workshop Online Course in The Memoir Writing Club for the duration of your personal program.

Workbook Delivery: You receive by post your copy of The Memoir Writing Workbook in the first week of the program. The first two lessons in the online course do not require the workbook.

Discounts apply if you previously purchased a copy of The Memoir Writing Workbook. Discounts also apply if you are a previous participant from any of Irene Graham’s online or residential workshops.

Are there any special technical requirements?

No, a good Internet connection is all that is technically required to access our Online Memoir Writing Course. Special software is not required.